Essential Oils and Clays

Benefits of Using Essentials Oils for Skincare

The skin requires oils to facilitate the generation of cells, rejuvenation, moisturization, and treatment of any condition that would otherwise inhibit its ability to acquire a radiant, healthy look. Essential oils are often an excellent candidate for these purposes and are great for all skin types and needs. Besides, their smell is amazing and they also serve to soothe the skin perfectly.  These oils contain botanical components that nourish the skin and leave one looking and feeling younger. The following are key reasons why essences can be helpful if they are incorporated into one’s skincare routine.
~Essential Oil Are Pure~
Yes! Essences are 100% natural, they are pure products of plants and leaves, stem, roots, fruits or flowers. Skin care products will contain a certain percentage of these oils. For lovers of natural looks, these oils never disappoint. The fact that they are pure, essential oils are guaranteed to be safe. It's however imperative to use the oil on small patch of the skin before applying on the entire body, which is especially true if applied topically. This will help to prevent allergic reactions.
~Anti-Aging Properties~
Some essential oils are comprised of compounds that assist in the reduction of wrinkles an fine lines on the skin. This ultimately gives one a younger and beautiful look. Rosehip extract and clove flower oil are some of the best anti-aging symptoms such as laugh lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and eye bags by boosting the production of collagen.
~Provides The Skin With Antioxidants~ 
Essential oils contain vital antioxidants, which will come in handy when looking to protect the skin from pathogens and environmental aggressors like the Ultra Violet rays. Such factors can lead to untimely aging of the skin. Additionally, the oils will help with calming inflammation of the skin and inhibiting the growth of bacteria that causes acne.
Why is clay good for your skin?

Clays have the ability to exfoliate, absorb excess oils, cleanse dirt and impurities and invigorate the skin. Regular use of pure cosmetic clays can remove dead skin cells, remove debris and impurities from the pores, improve circulation and bring about a smooth healthy glow to the skin.